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We keep working on our services and extend our work to perfection and variations.

Rapid prototyping

Create a model or a physical part using 3D AutoCAD (Automatic Computer Aided Designing) and additive manufacturing.

Injection molding

Obtain plastic molded products by injecting molten plastic materials into a closed mold tool, allowing it to cool down and heat..

Vacuum casting

A casting process is used to create elastomer prototypes. The liquid material is drawn into the mold using a vacuum.

Die casting

Produce the most dimensionally stable and durable metal parts, using the principle of forcing molten metal into a mold cavity using high pressure.

3D Printing

Design a customized model, transform it into a 3D model of any type of material of your choice quickly.

Rapid tooling

Test your products with actual materials, decreasing the time taken and production costs before the mass production.

CNC machining

With different techniques, various cutting types, a CNC machine makes your product fulfilling with high accuracy.

Finishing Services

Get your finished and perfect product with excellent finishing service, including binding, painting, cutting, laminating, and many more.

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